Monday, August 10, 2009

Personal Development

I appreciate today’s tip from BusinessWeek.  In order to be able to truly enjoy and succeed in any effort in life, an individual must take time away from the “task” in order to develop themselves.  What does self development mean, though?  I personally believe that it varies person to person, but there are some critical elements that need to occur.

1) Self development should be initiated by reasonable self evaluation.  Take a look at strengths and weakness and determined when they can work hand in hand.

2) Self development should include measurable and easily quantifiable metrics.  Instead of saying that you want read more.  Focus on what specifically you would like to read and when you would like to accomplish it by.

3) Create a plan for success.  When you road map out your individually development, you can coincide that with the goals you have within your business.

For more ideas, here is the article:

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