Monday, April 26, 2010

Educating the International Small Business Owner

Here are some interesting articles and blog posts for international small business owners:

The Global Small Business Blog: How to do Business in India-

This article discusses and links to some great resources if you are a small business owner interested in doing business in India.  It is always important to make sure you cover all your bases when entering in to a new market.

America’s Best Business Practices: What Color is Your Small Business?-

Here is an article that gives some insights into the “Green Revolution” and its impact on small businesses.

E-Zine Article: Two Million Jobs Are Coming to the United States-

Here is an article about the potential impacts of the Export Initiative of the White House.

Entrepreneur Daily Dose: Listening in on the President's Entrepreneurship Summit-

Here are some insights that will help small business owners understand the focus and direction of the President regarding entrepreneurship.

MoneyTalksNews: Five Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business-

Small businesses often grow from a hobby or interest of a small business owner.  Here are some tips if this is something you are considering.

MyVenturePad: Do you blog for international business?-

Here are some tips about the role that blogging can play in marketing your international small business.

The Daily MBA: The Fun of Guest Posting-

Another way to promote your business/material is by guest posting on some other small business blog or forum.  Here are some reasons why it may help your small business.

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