Thursday, April 29, 2010

LinkedIn Conversation: What are the greatest challenges facing your small business?

In addition to giving small business owners access to information and networking events, one of the goals of this blog is to create a forum for discussion for small business owners.  In order to facilitate this, I often ask questions of group members of the various LinkedIn groups I am a member of.  The responses vary, but I believe the questions allow small business owners to think about what they are doing and how they can improve.  This week I asked of the International Trade Network group: What are the greatest challenges facing your business?  I thought I would share my own response and another response that was give.  Share your thoughts and possible solutions in the comments section below.

Robert Rogers-

My great challenges that I am overcoming are creating connections and helping small businesses know and understand the value of having a small business attorney.  Connections are critical in any industry because that is what leads to ongoing business and improved word of mouth referrals.  The key efforts that I am making are in creating the appropriate environment when small business owners can see how I operate and what services I offer them.  Effectively and appropriately injecting myself into the conversation is critical.

Alexander Anisimov-

I guess it's establishing new contacts and moreover earning trust of the people you work with, because it requires time and patience. And of course, implementing the new deal at the very start is the most difficult. But if you've got the thing going it gets easier.

(Alexander runs a materials supply business.  For more information, click here.)

What challenges are you seeking to overcome?

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