Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Small Business Work Week More

I think all of us would like to get a little more enjoyment out of the sometimes more mundane things that we face on a daily base.  All too often work moves to the top of the list of things that people dislike.  Here are 5 ways that you can enjoy your business week more.

1) Incorporate One Passion Into the Work you Do-

Everyone has things that they love to do or information/ideas that they love to follow.  Our workload becomes far more interesting when we can find a way to bring that passion in to the things that we are doing in our jobs.  Take some time to make a list of the things that are most interesting to you.  Then make a list of some of your responsibilities or tasks at work.  Compare the two lists to see if there are some things from the first list that you can merge with the things that you are doing on the second list.  You would be surprise to see how you attitude about those tasks changes when you incorporate things you are passionate about.

2) Find a Way to Serve-

Service has an amazing way of invigorating the mind and motivating us to become more engaged in the work that we are doing.  Don’t discount the impact that it can have in making the work that we do become more meaningful.  Service can happen in a couple different ways: 1) plan projects with co-workers to build up  your community or 2) find ways to do something extra for clients, neighbors, co-workers or friends.  Set aside some time each week to do something entirely focused on someone else.  It will enrich your work week.

3) Cut Out the Unnecessary-

Take careful stock of all the tasks that you have on your to-do list.  What items are necessary?  What can be cut out or delegate?  When we do a better job of managing our time and our responsibilities, it can go a long way to giving us peace of mind and more enjoyment because we are doing more of what we enjoy and less of the mundane.  Now, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to cut out all the mundane tasks that we have on our plates, but better time management will allow us to minimize the time wasters that we so often engage in.

4) Make a Friend-

People are really social creatures and it is critical for peace of mind to develop meaningful relationships.  This is especially true in business.  Your week will become more enjoyable as you find clients, customers and co-workers with whom you can have interesting conversations.  Be engaging with those around you and take some time to learn more about others.  Invite someone new to lunch this week.  Ask a client about their family.  Have a conversation that you wouldn’t normally have.

5) Stay Focused-

Finally, do your best to stay on task.  Work is most meaningful when it is done properly and with full energy.  Remove the things that normally distract you and focus on achieve all that you desire from your workday.  Be persistent and actively engaged in your tasks and they will become more enjoyable as time moves along.

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