Monday, May 3, 2010

Information to Jumpstart Your Small Business

Here are some articles to take a look at this week to help out your small business.  As an extra treat, I have included the link to the blog post that I did for The Small Company Blog.  Enjoy!

Waiting on the Recovery Isn't an Option: Bloomberg BusinessWeek “Today’s Tip”-

Real recovery is going to be generated by small businesses and individuals taking the necessary initiative to go out and find opportunities.  Here are some basic ideas about generating that recovery in one’s own small business.

How to Manage Without Micromanaging: The Daily MBA-

Leadership and management skills are critical for any small business owner.  Here are some thing that you can do today to improve your small business management.

Lead Generation: What Works Today: MyVenturePad-

Here are some tips on small business marketing and lead generation for small business owners.  Key: incorporate online marketing to your small business marketing plan to level the playing field.

Basic Training: Unwritten Agreements--Are They Valid?: Entrepreneur Daily Dose-

Small Business owners need to know the impact of all types of agreements and contracts on their company.  Here are some insights about unwritten agreements.

The Challenges of International Collaboration - Us and Them: Ezine Article-

International small businesses need to be aware of potential pitfalls with partnering internationally.  These principles can be applied to all small businesses seeking out a new collaborative relationship.

Should Small Business Give Twitter A Twirl?: America’s Best Business Practices Blog-

How one of the most popular social media sites,, can benefit the marketing practice of your small business.

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My Article-

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Small Company Operation

Tips to improve your small business operations.  Have a great week!

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