Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running an Effective Facebook Promotion?

It is always interesting to watch and see which social media promotions seem to work and which seem to not generate as much interest as the promoter would like.  What are some of the keys that a company or individual should keep in mind when starting  a promotion and how can they increase the odds of effectiveness?  Let me use a promotion that I currently am taking part in to demonstrate some key principles:

1) Keep it simple

I decided that I would enter in a promotion that the Sofitel Miami Hotel is sponsoring in an attempt to win a weekend getaway.  I am getting married soon and thought that it would be a fun promotion to try to win.  The rules of the promotion were fairly simple.  They requested that all the interested parties email a picture of Miami to them.  That picture would then be displayed on their website and the picture that is “liked” the most would be the winner of the weekend getaway.  The.benefit to going this route is that it allows Sofitel Miami Hotel to have the contestants recruit followers to the site and then increase it social media base organically.

2) Be engaging

The second critical element to an effective social media campaign is that it needs to be something that is engaging.  People have to become and remain interested in what you have offered to them.  In the Sofitel Miami Hotel campaign, it has been interesting to following how engaged its participants have been.  There really has not been a high level of promotion of the contest by the participants so far.  They did have a two week window for “liking” the photographs, so a lot can still happen, but you need to make sure that if you want the promotion to work, that the “promoters” that you have are fully engaged in the process.

3) Offer a reward

In this instance of the Sofitel Miami Hotel campaign, the reward is a weekend getaway at the hotel.  What the reward does, is that it gives individuals further incentive to promote your product.  The reward could be discounts, free merchandise, or other contests.  The reward is what helps people to become more engaged in the process and feel more committed to the promotion process.


I recognize that this is a bit self interested, but here is my photo for the contest: Robert Rogers Photo Link.  If you feel so incline, I would love the vote.  Also, feel free to leave a comment about what you think are good techniques for a Facebook promotion.

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