Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 Reasons You Should Use Google Alerts In Your Business

Love it or hate it, Google has created numerous web resources that can be of great benefit to business owners.  One such resources is the Google Alert feature.  Here are three reasons that your business should consider using Google Alerts:


Monitor Your Brand-

Google Alerts can be an excellent way of monitoring your brand on the internet.  By setting up an Alert for your company name, a product, or your own name, you are able to track what is being said about you or your product on the internet.  This allows you to efficiently respond to any potential concerns in a timely way and better engage in the conversation about your brand.


Monitor Your Competitors-

Also, as you are monitoring your own brand, you can also monitor what competitors are doing or what is being said about them using an Alert.  Again, by doing a search for a major competitor’s name/products, you can track what their successes and failures may be and adjust your marketing/game plan accordingly.  This can be an effective resource for market research and SWOT analysis.

Understand Trends in Your Industry-

By using Google Alerts to monitor industry topics, you will be better able to adapt what you are doing to changes in your industry.  You can also gain access to resources that will help you improve your understanding of general business topics that you may feel you need some further education on.  The benefit is, whatever you are interested in tracking and learning about, you can monitor with a Google Alert.

Google Alerts


What other resources do you suggest using?  Add in the comments below:

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