Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Benefits of Advisory Boards to Small Businesses

I came across this blog post and it presents some ideas that I have been thinking about a lot recently.  Advisory boards are used frequently in major corporations but are often overlooked by small business professionals.  Advisory boards are great ideas for three reasons: 1) it allows business the chance to get feedback from industry professionals, 2) it creates and interesting and unique sounding board for small business owners, and 3) it can also act as a unique marketing arm for the business.  Take a look at some of the resources in this blog:



Salene Mazur Kraemer said...

Maxine Clark, President and CEO of Build A Bear Workshop Retail Chain, actually confers with an advisory board of children, her target customer. BRILLIANT!!

alice johnson said...

Thanks for this appreciable posting.The advisory board for small business is really a good step.This board will help small business professionals to grow their business.
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