Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personal Identity and Business Identity

The difficulty that many business owners have is separating the personal identity from the business identity. This is increasingly difficult in the new world of social media and direct line communications. There are three considerations to keep in mind when working on identity and business branding.

1) Your Industry

Each industry presents its own unique challenges based on how business interact with one another and their clients.  When determining how to create your business identity and potentially separate that identity from any personal presence that you may have in the public arena, it is first important to evaluate what the industry standard are and how similarly situation business operate.  In some industries, it is necessary for a business owner to separate their personal information/identity from the brand they are created.  This can be due to professionalism concerns, confidentiality issues or similar situations.  In other industries, the individual and business identities can become more blended as a business owner my want to establish more personal relationship with clients/customers.

2) Your Market

Also, in issues of branding and identity, it is important that a business owner know what the expectations of their market are.  Some customers or clients expect certain relationships to exist between themselves and the business provider.  This is especially true when operating internationally.  Pay attention to the culture of the market that you are operating in as well as the people with whom you are interacting.

3) Your Privacy

The last consideration you will have when evaluating the overlap of professional and personal identities is personal privacy.  This is critical relative to home contact information as well as information about family members.  In many industries, it is better to keep as much of this information private so as to protect the interests of those around you.  What is important to  remember in this regard is that many times the information that is supplied over social media sources is not private unless you specifically make a effort to make is so.

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