Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today in Business Blogs

Included below are some links to business blogs on the internet today:

Customer Complaints are Good for Business

This article discusses the increased access that we have to customer complaints because of social media and important principles to implement as we respond to those complaints.  We must always evaluated what is at the root of that complaint and use it as a catalyst to improve ourselves and our business.  It goes beyond simply responding.  Complaints really should be agents for change and that requires a bit of humility on our part.  Get more information by reading the article.

Prenuptial Planning for Business Partners

Clearly outlining interests and expectations are boons to managing any growing business relationship.  Business owners should take the necessary time to evaluate potential issues and how you deal with them at the onset of the relationship; not when the problems arise.  This article includes some good tips about how to go through that planning process.

Why Small Town Small Biz Has an Advantage at Using Social Media Tools

Social media is creating tools that are becoming more and more localized.  So, while it is also easier to engage the world, we should also recognize the benefits in engaging our local audience.  This article has some great information in that regard.

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