Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Business Marketing Strategy : Business Marketing Plan : ACCION USA

Accion USA is a great micro-credit provider here in the US. I also enjoy all the resources they provide to small business owners. In the linked article, they focus on educating a small business owner in how to develop a marketing strategy for their business. Market research and analysis is critical and Accion USA includes some great ideas in this blog post:

Small Business Marketing Strategy : Business Marketing Plan : ACCION USA


ukm said...

The number of small businesses are about a million units in Indonesia. They sometimes become a political commodity through populist policies made by government or through a campaign of political parties. They said that the policy is made for small business interests. The implementation of these policies still face many obstacles, especially in the distribution of revolving funds for small entrepreneurs. However, small businesses in Indonesia will be able to survive without relying on government stimulus. Small business success depends not only on financial aid, but still many other aspects such as training on business management, application of appropriate technology, or the promotion and marketing assistance. The government has given adequate attention to these aspects, although such efforts must be improved in future.

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